Zhouwei Network, Feature film by Emilia Tapprest, 2021.


Character "V" in feature film Zhōuwéi Network by Emilia Tapprest

Draft edits for 'Zhōuwéi Network: Embodied Ambitopias' (not yet released). ✴ Zhōuwéi Network is a research umbrella studying the design of affective undertones in different near-future societies by forward-engineering them from a critical perspective. Following a year long process of expert consults, curation and experimentation, the fiction series Embodied Ambitopias prototypes windows into three speculative worlds driven by different value paradigms: Dolphin Waves (New York City), a corporate playbour & wellness hub; Dragonfly (Netherlands), a technocratic state focusing on safety and harmony; and Project Gecko (multiple locations), a network of decentralised liquid democracies founded on inner healing through movement. ✴ Who has power in these worlds? How is technology shaped by ideology? What does it mean to our relationships with and through our bodies? ✴ The works are produced by Liminal Vision, Victor Evink (s x m b r a) and Emilia Tapprest (, in collaboration with: Agnes Momirski | Amal Nincheri | Amenti Movemeant | André de Sterke | Andrei Iovcev | Anne Don | Barbora Dehaen Polcerova (e n c h a n t e d l a n d s) | Boudewijn Scholten | Darya Golova | David Adán | Elia Nebula Vitadamo | Enrique Arce Gutierrez | Ewoud Kieft | Ezra Vonk (Ezra V) | Florian Groeneveld (Airflo) | Gil de Grid | Helen beargan Jermaine Boasman | Jonathan Castro | Katerina Tulovchikova | Leva Zhitskiy (Koyil) | Manuela Rusu | Mirjam Manusama | Oksana Kim (iVoiceU) | Ossip Blits | Polina Hordievska | Ruby Chen | Ryan Hill (Kagami Smile) | Sayde Garza | Sea Elegy | Serdal Sertdemir | Thijs Beening | Thomas Dingemanse | Tina Khademi | Tricie Bergmann | Tzuyu Shen | Valerie van Zuijlen | Versia Hodges | Willy van Bragt | ✴ Embodied Ambitopias will be released online on as well as a series of physical exhibitions including MAMA (Rotterdam) and Jan van Eyck (Maastricht).