Aireal, Graduation Show "Shadow Channel", July 2019.


My name is Valerie Victoria van Zuijlen. I am a Graphic Designer, Filmmaker and Digital Artist from the Netherlands. With a background in Graphic Design (BA”16), Computer Science & Electrical Engineering (Summer intensive”17), Videogame Studies (Summer intensive”18) and recently completed two Master degrees simultaneously at Universities separated by an ocean; Film, Design & Politics (MA”19) and Cinema Studies (MA”20). I develop a cross-disciplinary practice of visual storytelling through combining and connecting different fields of studies. In which the Arts, Design, Film, Science, and Technology become intertwined with one another. 


Along with my studies I have been supported, nominated, and rewarded with awards; the Young Master Award, Crow Foederer Talent Award, Lew & Edie Wasserman Scholarship, Roberts Clark Award. Several of my projects have been presented and screened globally; Scrolling into the Deep (Depot Basel, Basel, CH, “16), The Cellular Aura (The Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL, “17), The Ghetto of Angels (Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, NL, “18), VISION061718 (Pineapple Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong, CN, “18), AIREAL (Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL, “19), Moonlight (GLOW International Light Festival, Eindhoven, NL, “19), The Octopus Network (Imagine Science Film Festival, Symbiosis, New York, "20). 


As for today, my main vocation lies within the ability to communicate the ontology between humans, technology, and the non-humans. Through creating a practice of interactive and visual storytelling in which I pursue to bring the peculiar unseen and perhaps unnoticed to light. Even as the potential of being present at multiple locations at once, in which different time zones, the past, the future, and the now, the virtual and the physical, become an apparent feature within these narratives. 

©1994 by Valerie van Zuijlen