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THE SPIRIT OF CONNECTIVITY | Valerie van Zuijlen | December 2020

THE SPIRIT OF CONNECTIVITY | Valerie van Zuijlen | December 2020

What does "Connection" mean to you? Together with a worldwide network of yet to meet connections, this piece of moving imagery attempts to generate and grasp the answer to this question. While reaching out to different artists from all over the world, from videographers, producers, vocalists, singer-songwriters, spokesman, musicians, dancers, performers,... This film is an homage to connection and being connected. As the art direction itself may only have taken place through the extension of virtual communication. A portal that enables us to connect over distance, with distant strangers, to other perspectives, visions, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It is a modern take on virtual filmmaking that can only be made possible through connecting beyond the virtual boundaries of the physical, cognitive, and philosophical realms of the afar and the other. Together we send, we receive, and we enable; connection. A bond we establish together. ​ Even though the year 2020 due to the pandemic may have caused us to be physically more distant from one another, the sentimental touch of being in all of this together has struck our spirit to connect with so much and many more. Especially during this holiday season, the spirit of connection is vividly present. For this upcoming new year of 2021, it might need an extra spotlight to show its sparkle. With this short film, produced within 1 week's time, I hope to take you upon a journey around the globe, brought together from all over the globe, touching upon each continent, a sparkle, a joy, a sadness, a relief. Showing the true meaning of connection from afar, while being closer together than ever... ​ This film brings together the Spirit of Connection, on Earth & beyond. It is a bond of simply reaching out and connecting together. Brought to you from Australia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Portugal, Finland, U.K., Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia & the Netherlands.
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